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"The level of talent is tremendous."
– Opposing Counsel
"I haven’t had to go against them yet. That might happen one day and I’m not looking forward to it."
– Co-Counsel

Ken Anderson / Michael Morton

Former Williamson County District Attorney Ken Anderson was sentenced to 10 days in jail and 500 hours of community service in for hiding evidence to convict the wrong man of murder. As a special prosecutor in a court of inquiry that led to the charges against Anderson, Rusty Hardin showed Anderson withheld key evidence in order to convict innocent man Michael Morton, who wrongly served 25 years in prison. In Michael Morton’s memoir Getting Life: An Innocent Man’s 25-Year Journey From Prison to Peace, he praises Rusty Hardin: “It would soon become clear that this team’s greatest asset was hidden inside Rusty Hardin’s head. His brain is a legal computer with the unique understanding of the workings of the human heart. Hardin knows how to speak to real people. He is able to explain great pain or unfairness in a way that can easily be understood.”