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Hardin Says Plaintiff Attorney’s Refusal to Submit Evidence to Police Undermines Claims Against Watson

Rusty Hardin says the refusal of attorney Tony Buzbee to turn over any evidence of sexual assault to the Houston Police Department for investigation should heighten questions about the validity of that evidence. Mr. Buzbee is counsel for 21 anonymous plaintiffs in claims against Houston Texans quarterback DeShaun Watson.

“I would respectfully suggest that Mr. Buzbee’s failure to go to law enforcement does not result from some baseless fear that HPD will not fairly investigate. Instead, it is from the knowledge that his parade of anonymous allegations could not survive the rigorous inquiry of trained investigators or the need to attest to the truth of the allegations under oath,” says Mr. Hardin in a publicly-released statement.

“Anyone who has dealt with HPD, as I have for many years, would know that Mr. Buzbee’s suggestion that the department would overlook legitimate complaints based upon a family connection of one of its officers is ludicrous.”

The complete statement from Mr. Hardin is available here.