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RH&A Appellate Win—Client’s Murder Conviction Overturned; Appellate Court Orders New Trial

RH&A, led by Jenny Brevorka, Naomi Howard, Joe Roden, and Tori Reilly, served as appellate counsel for Quincy Wright, a Houston man convicted of murder in Jackson County, Texas in 2018. Even before indictment, Mr. Wright asserted that he had acted in self-defense when he fired his gun at a stranger who broke into an apartment and aggressively charged at Mr. Wright despite warnings to stop. And, from the start of trial, Mr. Wright’s counsel introduced evidence to establish a self-defense claim in response to the State’s murder charge. Despite these facts, the trial court denied Mr. Wright’s request for a self-defense jury instruction. The trial court also denied Mr. Wright this instruction even after the jury sent the judge a note asking for Texas’ law on self-defense. (The judge refused to tell the jury the law or to provide a self-defense instruction at that point.) The trial court’s ruling constituted legal error and that ruling harmed Mr. Wright, resulting in his conviction, according to the 13th Court of Appeals.

The appellate court granted oral argument on the appeal, a rare occurrence in a criminal case.  Jenny Brevorka argued the appeal on February 6, 2020, in Corpus Christi. The 13th Court of Appeals issued its decision quickly, issuing a 15-page opinion in Mr. Wright’s favor six weeks after oral argument. Mr. Wright will now have a new trial in Jackson County in the near future.

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